How we work

Here are some explanations about our work process, approach and steps that we do in the first stage of a project.

First steps πŸ‘‹


1. Acquaintance

In the first step, we identify the goal and your product idea. What do you want to achieve? What problems do you want to solve? What digital products do you have now and how should they work together? Also, we ask about limitations: special dates, technologies, marketing plan, etc.

It’s important to talk in terms of idea and user needs to offer you the best technical solution. Good vision is the key of a project success.

result β†’ clarified project idea

2. Tech Solution & Estimation

In the second step, we offer technical solutions based on your requirements. We take into account solutions like no-code tools, SAAS services, existing open-source projects, everything that helps to reduce development cost or increase software quality.

At the end of this stage we decide what technlogies are needed to make your product.

Also, we collect all requirements in a list of features and ask questions to clarify details. Based on the list, we prepare a commercial proposal with estimation, team description, milestones, development cost and deadline.

result β†’ feature list and proposal

3. Contract Signing

We transform a feature list to express a commitment between our agency and your company.

There are several types of contracts. More details here.

result β†’ signed contract

Work Process πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»


Work iteratively. Ship it as soon as possible. Be open. Share the vision for all.

We use these base principles to set up team work on a project.

What are the perks of working with us?

β–  Project Manager You have a personal manager who takes responsibility for a project goals.

β–  Time Reports If we work in T&M model you receive daily and weekly time reports to keep your finger on the pulse.

β–  Task Board We like to work transparently, so we invite our clients to work together on our kanban boards and participate in details clarifying and feature prioritizing.

β–  Communication With A Team You have access to our top-talented team of professional developers.

Contracts πŸ–ŠοΈ


Fixed-price Contract

It’s a good option for starting from scratch. We offer this way to people who work with us first time.

We clarify all details before starting and make a commitment based on contract requirements for fixed cost. Any scope changes should be updated by a supplementary agreement.


  • good for non-technical persons
  • good for MVP


  • risks are included into fixed cost
  • fixed scope
  • it needs time to make full specificaiton and clarify all details before starting

Time&Material Contract

It’s a good choice for startups or for working on a code that was created by another team.

We assemble a project team and guarantee an amount of time the team spends working on it. You pay for hours only.


  • good for agencies, IT companies who need support with technical projects
  • flexible priorities
  • good for research job


  • time deadline risks are on the client side

Retainer Contract

It’s the best option for projects that need intensive development.

Fixed monthly cost for a team.


  • fixed team of developers for your project which are fully available to work with you
  • flexible priorities
  • long-term guarantees of availability


  • fixed cost per month